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Hitsugaya Asuka
23 November 2011 @ 12:15 pm
After this long journey, finally I come back.

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Hitsugaya Asuka
18 April 2011 @ 01:13 pm
Hey everyone!
thank you for coming.
but, I'll be unactived anymore here.
I got new acc :)


add my new acc ya!

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Hitsugaya Asuka
03 November 2009 @ 03:31 pm
alright, Im tired :(
but I want to post something about my friend who never give me support to reach my dream :(

Let's start ..
her name is ‘JERK’
well its not her real name, it is just a nick name~
I sat beside her @ the class.
one day, my friend called ‘E’ talk to me
E: hei Asuka! if you go to Japan, dont forget to buy me some souvenirs!
Me: what?! okay! just pray for me! of course I will buy lots of souvenirs for all of youuuu :D
E: okay! well, Im sure you will go to there.. bcuz Ive asked Sensei about the Japanese Olympiad on 2010, you must be voted to face it!!!
Me: REALLY! when did you ask to Sensei about that?! Im really happy of that! you make me surprised!
E: I was ask her when the break time! just a few minutes ago!
Me: Im really thank you! pray for me! I promise to the souvenirs!
- suddenly JERK came to us -
JERK: what are you two talking about?!
E: is about the Japanese Olympiad! Asuka will face it easily!
Me: ahahaha! just pray for me!
JERK: what? who knows! did you two know, there are lots of people that smartest in Japanese than Asuka!! Asuka cant face it well! Asuka will surprised!! must be nervous!! only one that can be the winner!!
E: Asuka, just study hard! I will pray for you!
T: yup, Asuka! go Japan!
JERK: ONLY ONE! it must be not Asuka!
Me: not one!!! lots of people can be the winner! and one of the winners, must be I AM!
- JERK mock me, and she turned back -
T: dont listen to her! believe in yourself! you can get it!
Me: yeah I know, she never wanna support me.. I always support her though.. why? is she jealous?
T: yeah, it seems like she jealouses to you..

well, this is a true story in my life. I dunno why JERK always do that to me? she makes me sad! dropped down! nervous! and affraid!!
sometimes, I really want to break our friendship.., but I won't do that forever :)
its okay..
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Hitsugaya Asuka
20 October 2009 @ 12:50 pm
konbanwa~! its been long time I didnt post something here :) I was so busy... cuz I have lots of test! yabaiiiiiiii... for now I just download songs of ARASHI, Berryz Koubou, C-ute and Teppei Koike :D ahh ya.. I need somehelps! please give me a link that I can download song of 9nine! I am a fan of Kawashima Umika~ gyaaaaaa BUT I DONT HAVE HER SONGS! poor me ;P PLEASE HELP ME!! arigatou gozaimasu
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Hitsugaya Asuka
09 October 2009 @ 09:40 am

I've watched SuJu - Full house until episode 10 :D moreee 4episodesss!!

they were adorableee!!

they were playing a fashion show~!

Heechul and Eunhyuk were hosts, Anya and Eva were judges!

first ~> Kibum wore pink pajamas!! sooo cute! he was sooo cool *O* nee.. Kibummmm, lovee yaa!

second ~> Hyankung!! he brought pillow and did some ballet tricks *3* mwuuah!

third ~> Donghae :) he wore pink pajamas and brought a guitar! he was also sing!! but he got bad score! he threw his shocks to Kibum! ahahahahaha XDD

fourth ~> Shiwon ^^ aih! was so simplyyyy~ he wore pajamas? *not sure! it seems like kimono!* he got better score than Donghae! Donghae was mad to Anya and Eva! ahahahahahah ~
SuJu, Anya, and Eva were going to English Village in Koreaaa~!
only one rule that you have to do in there!


after they wrote their biodata, a dark woman was asking many questions in English..

Anya first~ and she succesed :D

then Eva, then Kibum!!! after that Kang-in!

he only said "You're gorgeous!" and he might came inside! whattt is thatt??? (*ˊυ`*)

Donghae might came inside bcuz his cuteness~!

he was so cuuuuuute when he couldn't answer the questions in English!!

Woman: How old are you?

Donghae: B *confused! bad answer XDD*

{everyone giggles}
Woman: ???

Donghae: C?? *he continues his answer XDD cuuute face* ♥\(ϋ)/

Woman: D, E, F, G ...

Donghae: H!!

Woman: Okay, okay! You lose me! Come get in!

- - - - - - - - - -


Eunhyuk couldn't get in! bcuz he was mock the woman!!!

but,,, he could get in when the woman was dancing crazily XDD ~


then, they spoke in English~ visited Police Office! and were acting inthere! *funny scene!*

Kang-in and Eunhyuk were polices :D ahahaha

≧▽≦Kya Kyaaa~!!
the most funny in this drama were Heechul and Shiwon~!!

Heechul was a bad boy!!
Kyaaaaaaa :D

after thatttttttt they went home~!

next day.. Heechul's birthday!

Anya, Eva, Hyankung, and Kang-in were preparing seaweed souppp~!! nyum-nyum

they were add egg, onion, and potato into it~! huekks :( Eva really doesnt like that~

Anya was invite her foreigner friends to sureprise Heechul :D

ahhh~ it was really fun!!

Heechul got a pink bag from Kibum, and a pink pajamas from Shiwon, and a mirror from Kang-in!

Eunhyuk and Donghae didn't give him something! ahahahahaha


then they sang U - song!

was cool! ≧▽≦

Hitsugaya Asuka
06 October 2009 @ 07:13 pm
ha~i !

last sunday I bought two movies randomly~

I was choose japanese horror movie n super junior - full house.
I thought the super junior - full house was a korean drama! I thought was drama acted by Rain!
after I watch that movie, aaaah! it was not a movie! it was a reality show! one japanese n one russian (they're girl!) were home stay with super junior!
waaaaaaaaaaa~!! it was so funny!!!

Heechul was so poor on episode3 ! ahahahaha

surprisingly the girl will study in koreeeea~!

Japanese ~> Sachiko, but called Eva bcuz she half british :)

Russian ~> Anya. she has a cute smile! Heechul was always disturb Anya since arrived :D

Kibum was so calm! n Eunhyuk was always come suddenly ^^

Kang-in always says "You're goergeous"


Ah, Donghae and Shiwon fought on episode3! but showed only one minute then to be continue!! when I play the episode4, there was no Donghae n Shiwon fought!!

I really want to see that event~!

I've watched until episode6 :) ! I still have to watch 8more episodes @.@ I will laugh all the time lolll :D
Hitsugaya Asuka
06 October 2009 @ 12:28 pm
hello hello everyone~! hajimemashite .. I'm Asuka eeto~ just call me like that bcuz I don't want to show my true name :) nee, I like Hey! Say! JUMP and Super Junior desuuuuu~! I've been loveee them for 2years maybe, cuz I didn't remember it well heheh I'm here just looking around to find a new friend that love samething like me~~ my first japanese song is Utada Hikaru 「First Love」 at the first, I was confused! I wondered~ was it chinese song? ahahahaha! when I listen that song, I was 12years old~! hhehe n I got my cellphone at the same time I heard that song! actually, that song was in my cellphone! I was seldom to listen that song bcuz I didn't know what the heck language it used?! since I entered middle school, aha! now I know that! it used japanese language! aihh *foolish smile* naaaa for now, I just collect japanese film and watch video :D I also learn japanese in my highschool now~! I really wanna get a scholarship to Japan!! ║A.H